Work IT

I am currently in PHASE 1 of my workouts.  I’m going for muscular endurance (High rep, lower weights, 2 or 3 sets)

Weeks 1-3: 

Monday: 45min- 1 hour cross training + ABS

Tuesday: Lower Body Lift

-20 min warm-up on the elliptical 

-3x15x30lbs Kettlebell swings

-3×10 2 Leg Swiss Ball curls

-3×15 Swiss Ball Squats

-2x10x80lbs Dead Lifts

-2x12ea Side Leg Raises 

-3x5x85 Hang Cleans

+ Stretch

Wednesday:  Active Rest (Usually a long walk) + ABS

Thursday: Upper Body Lift

Tricep Overhead extension 2×15

(Paired with) Squat Holds 2x :35 (I know that’s lower body, but I gotta keep movin’)

BB Bench Press 3×8

Curls into Press 2x15ea

Pull Downs 3×15

Front, Lateral, Posterior Raises 3x15ea

(Paired with) Lower Back extension on machine w/ weight 3×15

Friday: Cross Training 1 hour + ABS

Saturday: 20 minute warm-up & Interval Workout

Sunday: Always complete REST


Any questions, comments, & concerns are always more than welcome 🙂



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