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My First Post!

29 May

Dear Future Friends,

I’m Michelle. I just graduated college a little over a week ago and I’m getting ready to start the next phase of my life.  While graduation is incredibly depressing, I’m excited to see what life has in store…

In college, I was a captain of my Division I Track and Field team and I’ve been active my whole life.  I am a ISSA-certified Personal Trainer and have a job lined up once I get my CPR Certification.  The purpose of this blog is to check my own progress through my workouts and food intake.  I’m also here to answer any workout/nutrition questions you may have and learn from what information you know!

The picture on the top of the page (Marilyn Monroe lifting weights) is my favorite photo ever. I’ve had a huge poster of it in my room since freshman year in college.

I’m coming off a month-long break and today is the first day of my workouts… I realize I will be incredibly sore tomorrow, but I’m pumped for it!

If you have any questions or  tips for me, they’re very much appreciated!

I’ll clue you in on my workout later, I’m gonna go Work IT out!