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Thank God for Rain

3 Jun

I hate the rain; I’m prohibited from a plethora of outdoor activities and summoned to my room for an indefinite amount of time.  However, that means that my “To-Do” List keeps getting check marks and that’s not such a bad thing.

Currently, I am in the editing processes of my workout plan, as I said in the last post, being my own ginnea pig in an attempt to figure out what works best for me (remember, everyone’s different and you gotta do a lot of listening to your bod!)

So here is Thursday’s lift: (Upper Body)

Warmup: Walk to the Gym (It’s right up the block) + 5 Minute Treadmill Run

Tricep Overhead extension 2×15

(Paired with) Squat Holds 2x :35 (I know that’s lower body, but I gotta keep movin’)

BB Bench Press 3×8

Curls into Press 2x15ea

Pull Downs 3×15

Front, Lateral, Posterior Raises 3x15ea

(Paired with) Lower Back extension on machine w/ weight 3×15

+10 min abs

My arms were burning Friday and Saturday, but this is how I feel —>>> Click dis

On the other days, I’ve been doing a LOT of walking, dabbling in running, and partaking in other cardiovascularly enticing activities.

More importantly, I’ve been hanging out with my super cool friends whom I haven’t seen since Christmas.  I also got these puppies on a recent shopping venture in Forever 21:

Anything to appear 1 shade tanner

Together they were like $12, I suggest you go buy 20 now.  Workout apparel has become my guilty pleasure, partially because I love to work out, mostly because I love neon.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Also, if anyone has any blog tips, I need them desperately so help me out 🙂

Have a great evening friends!