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Care is Key

5 Jun

I know this sounds absurd, but I am ridiculously excited for the Pretty Little Liars season premiere tonight, anyone else? But, because that’s 9 1/2 hours away from right now, I digress.

Yesterday was just some cardio (45 min elliptical) and 10 min abs, I have pretty bad knees so I have to lose some mass before a lot of running comes into the picture.

But as per the title of this post, “Care is Key“… More important than the actual workout is the CARE that you take of your body afterwards… Feed it with the good stuff! Sooo, after the gym, I went to the deli and grabbed my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BREAKFAST EVER…

WW Everything bagel, 2 eggs, Salt, Pepper, Ketchup + Iced Coffee

Very simple, but VERY good… Anyone else have a fav meal that’s super standard?

I ate this while doing this…

Icin’ the kneez

10 years of track (I was a triple and long jumper) KILLED my body and has left me with patella tendinitis in both of my knees; especially my left one.  Bringin’ it back to the title, Care is Key.  For me, icing up is probably more important than the actual workout.  I want to be able to walk when I’m 60.  No body part replacements, please.

Do you have any post-workout rituals to take care of your body?

Oh, almost forgot, I bought a bathing suit yesterday (Top- Victoria’s Secret, Bottom- Gap)

Awaiting summertime fun time

This top is the cutest thing ever. (I needed a black bottom anyway, so I just got this one, they match well enough-ish)

I’m off to go enjoy some Dr. Oz and then I’m heading to the gym!

Toodles 🙂